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I know you fell asleep before we got a chance to talk but I just feel so low. when we first started talking, you told me you knew “you were going to fall for me hard” that “I was something special” and you made me believe it and I still do.

obviously you, and who you use to be.. act as separate identities for you.

but how am I supposed to recover from the aftermath of what the old you did to me?

the first time I regained trust in you, two weeks later for it to be yet broken again. it’s been a while since then and the new you has been more than I could ever hope for.

I feel like I have constant advertising reminders that pop up out of no where to remind me of the old you. Finding things out over and over.

I made you make me a list of everything you did wrong, after reading it, ripping it and throwing it over your apartment balcony, I thought it was all over. at this point I thought I knew everything and that there would be no more surprises.

the worst thing is that I let go of old you, I’ve barely been checking your accounts and then this today.

how can you forget about a whole other girl you were sexting…

while we were dating.

the first one didn’t sit right with me. we were 10 days into our relationship and you had been sending nude pictures to not just one but two girls. and who knew how many more others than you’ve “forgotten about”.

It was hard the first time, I’m still not okay with barb and I’m not at peace with what happened but now there was a another girl? why were you even with me if you were interested in so many others?

I’m not trying to come down on you but put yourself in this position,
someone you’ve grown to know like your family… and fallen inlove with like a soulmate, has cheated on you not once but twice.

imagine that I had been sexting a couple guys for the first bit of our relationship, really think about that.

picture it.
…. how do you feel?

i don’t know about you but it hits me hard. now remember you just had to imagine it, it actually happened to me.

I shouldn’t have to keep getting over things..

all you said was “I forgot I’m sorry”

I’m really hurt, I don’t feel valued
I feel like absolute trash


Actually crying.

"Time don’t make the man" its not how much you wait that defines your relationship but the person you’re building it with. You can fuck on the first date a good guy and you could last years yet wait months to fuck a bad dude and get screwed over instantly.

I saw this post in Facebook with the caption “apparently Mac supports windows” and I cried

Hello magazine has published the photos of their secret wedding. And Angy, queen of style and beauty, dressed a silk white wedding-dress specially designed by Donatella Versace. 
For the veil and train Donatella and Angy are inspired by Brangelina children’s doodles. It was amazing,Incredible and significant: their wedding is the symbol of love and union family. Versace makes a great jobs. Beautiful white, rich silk and perfect riproduction of doodles!


'Excuse me sir, do you have a towel?'

Who wants to try the zombie with me?


Story behind this? Her dad was leaving on a 2 year deployment. She was crying, and wouldn’t let go of her dad’s hand, even when he stood in line, saluting. No one had the heart to break them apart.
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here have a selfie


the father of my weed plants 🙏🙏

girl you know it 😌


can we just collectively agree as a generation that we aren’t going to care if each other’s houses are clean when we visit bc im gettin real sick of the “the house has to be spotless or our guests will judge us” deal my parents got goin on

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